If you’re thinking about becoming self-employed, but don’t know what to do, this site is here to help you.  We’re passionate about being self-employed and want to help others get started.  On this site you’ll find many different ideas for businesses you can start or run “on the side” from your normal job.  Each business idea comes with all the information you’ll need, such as how to get started, skills you will need, how much to charge, where to find potential clients, and more.

You’ll also find some great articles with general information about being self-employed, such as tips for working at home, setting goals, and eliminating busywork.

How the site is organized

New ideas are displayed in chronological order on the Home page, with the most recent at the top. There you can track all the information as we post it.

On the General Information page, you’ll find links to every article we’ve written that contains general information about being self-employed or being an entrepreneur. On the Ideas page, you’ll find links to the articles we’ve written about particular self-employment ideas.  We evaluate each idea and talk about its benefits, drawbacks, required skills, start up costs, etc. You can use these two pages to browse all the content on this site.

We sincerely hope we can help you if you are thinking about becoming self-employed.  If there’s anything we can help you with, please stop by the Contact page and send us a message. Thanks for reading!