Newspaper BundlesThe days of paperboys delivering newspapers from their bicycles are pretty much gone.  These days, newspapers are delivered by cars so they can cover a much larger geographic area.  This is a common second job, as you’ll only work a few hours a day and won’t make enough money to make a living.

The Good

If you like driving and don’t mind waking up early, this could be a great way for you to earn extra money.  It’s a pretty simple job that anyone with a driver’s license can do.

The Bad

The pay isn’t very good.  This will just be extra money; don’t expect to quit your regular job.

Newspapers are typically delivered in the predawn hours, so you’re going to have to wake up very early.  If you live in a snowy area, you might even be driving around before the roads are plowed.

You need to maintain a very consistent schedule for delivering your route.  Whether rain or shine, hot or cold, tired or sore, you’re going to have to get out there and do it.  If you are sick or want to go on a vacation, you may be responsible for finding someone to take over for you.

Skills required

You’ll need a knowledge of the local area so you can plan the most efficient route and a strong back that can lift bundles of papers in and out of your vehicle.

Equipment required

You’ll need a vehicle, perhaps a truck or van, that can hold a lot of newspapers.


You’ll have to pick up the papers in the morning from the newspaper office or one of their regional distribution centers.  After that, you’ll drive your route and deliver a paper to each customer.  Your route may vary each day due to new or canceled customers and vacation suspensions, so you need to stay focused on your route.

Startup costs

You’ll need to buy a vehicle that can hold a lot of newspapers if you don’t already have one.  You’ll be responsible for gasoline and maintenance, but the newspaper should pay you a mileage reimbursement to help you cover those costs.

Legal / Insurance issues

Depending on your state’s regulations, you might also need a commercial license and commercial insurance for your vehicle.  Ask the newspaper or an insurance agent about local regulations.

How to start

Contact the circulation or delivery departments of local newspapers to ask about delivery jobs.  You can also look for classified ads in the newspapers themselves that tell you whom to contact.


You’ll generally be hired as a subcontractor and paid a fixed fee per delivery plus a mileage reimbursement for your car.  The pay isn’t going to be very much, so don’t quit your regular job.  Do this job for the extra money.

Since billing is now done by mail or online, and you’ll be delivering before most people wake up, it’s very hard to earn gratuities these days.  If you always deliver on time and are pleasant in your dealings with customers, though, you might get some tips here and there.

Further reading

Do a Google search for your local newspaper and find their web site.  Look for a “Contact Us” or “Jobs” page.  If the site has a search box, search for “Carrier” or “Deliverer”.  These searches will help you find the opportunities and requirements for your local paper.